XCOM: Enemy Within for Android

When the project is XCOM: Enemy Unknown appeared on Android, it was very good. Of course, some things were cut due to programming limitations, however, it was a real XCOM, in which you can play from your phone or tablet. And now, after a little less than a year, out of nowhere appears a XCOM: Enemy Within.

Main question: should owners of the original version to pay attention and (ideally) spend the money to buy this? And is it worth buying Enemy Within for Android for those who played in this project on a different platform?

Welcome back, Commander

Enemy Unknown was (and still is) a fantastic reinvention of one of the greatest strategies on PC of all time. But Enemy Within is even better. Before us is not a sequel but something like a re-release with additional content inside. And it’s not about a few extra maps and the new hairstyles of the characters.

OK, new maps too, but not only. The developers have added a new human faction that fights against those who fight under the banner of the Exalt. For this, you need to send one of their agents, which penetrate a few cells and gather important information.

After performing a sufficient number of missions, you can narrow down the headquarters of the radical faction and do to close them forever. However, it is worth considering the fact that Exalt has access to interesting things that can be useful, because of think which strategy to choose.

Now there is Meld – a mysterious alien substance, which can change the game completely. You can find him on the battlefields. Rate risks: the cans of stuff self-destruct because you need to quickly lead troops around the map and collect cans. In addition, it will open up new opportunities to improve their soldiers.

First, warriors can be improved at the genetic level, giving them superhuman abilities (high jump, skin of the chameleon, etc.). Secondly, there is the Cybernetics lab. Now you can make your fighters half human and half robots. All abilities there is also a lot.

The best of both worlds

Let’s look at how the game reveals itself as a whole. The touch interface has not changed, but do not have to. He is still the same intuitive, responsive and functional, as in Enemy Unknown.

If you compare with the computer version of the game, XCOM: Enemy Within for Android textures and models look a little easier. Although such a huge difference, as was the case with its predecessor, no longer. Best became light, the shadows, the transition between night and day, as well as frame rate. Appeared and advanced customization options. Of course, they are not as cool as on PC or consoles, but much better than could be expected.

Enemy Within will not disappoint those familiar with the series and surprise the people who first logged in an interesting and exciting project. The only negative is the huge price. But… there is always a way.

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