Unpossible review – a good analog of Super Hexagon

Unpossible is a fantastic minimalist arcade game in which the main goal is its own survival. We can say that this is the ideological successor of Super Hexagon and Pivvot, only with the first person.

In fact, the project turned out very similar to many counterparts. Do not crash into obstacles, and that’s all. On the other hand, the obstacles themselves and the method of survival has turned out far from simple.

There are three levels of difficulty: Easy, Futile and Ultra. The first of these is very simple, even novice gamers will have no problems. The real problems begin already at the secondary level, as 60 seconds to unlock the next location is not enough. Mode “Ultra” — this is the real tin.

The graphics in Unpossible for Android looks quite primitive. Although the black-and-blue color scheme adds style to the project. In addition, the smooth framing makes the gameplay very exciting. You can record your own races and post them on Kamcord.

Game’s touch control works perfectly. You can choose either a virtual gamepad or tilt. The first option seemed the best.

Some of the dangers in the game is so complex that one area you need to place again a few times is studying the sequence of actions and movements on the way. Sometimes it even seems that the positioning of the camera prevents, but such situations are few. Regular practice and developed instincts – recipe wins in Unpossible. A wonderful project, and see for yourself!

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