Swing Copters

Swing Copters After the drama, the story of success and frustration of Flappy Bird, the chances of creating something new looked ghostly. However, the world has rewarded another project called Swing Copters.

Swing Copters for Android is another virus of mass destruction from the evil genius of Dong Nguyen. Only this time it turned out much more difficult.

At first glance, before us is a simple arcade game with “one click”. Your character – a crank the propeller on the cap, which is able to fly diagonally upwards. Tap on the screen – changing its direction again – a turn in the opposite direction.

When lifting the top you need to get into narrow gaps of metal beams, which complicated the flying hammers. One touch to anything leads to a decline and end of the flight.

The main difficulty of the project is unsystematic behavior in the air, almost completely devoid of comfort and logic. Tap on the screen change the direction of flight, but the breakneck speed affects the trajectory, so that the object can crash into the obstacle of pure inertia. Often exactly what happens. An experienced master will advise very quickly just press on the screen, not to get side impulses and avoid obstacles.

From Swing Copters the impression that the game was designed specifically to annoy gamers. The complexity here does not bear much sense. It’s like very spicy foods, I eat just because it burns the mouth, not because it’s delicious.

In the end, personally I was left disappointed. All of these records, the absurd attempts to achieve a good result… even when it turns out, for what? Swing Copters leaves no hope and no meaning, even when looking at the project in the spectrum of ubivalka time.

However, some gamers manage to enjoy the toy and set crazy records. I am sure that having developed reflexes, precision divine level and the hill of cocaine, it is possible to create a feat and score more than three points. But most people these tests are not needed.

In terms of graphics, nothing has changed compared to Flappy Bird. 8-bit world normally perceived on smartphones, and a little worse on the larger screens of tablets. The soundtrack fits the overall style. In short, I appreciate the project in 1 of 10. And that is because of the intrigue that preceded the exit.

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