Peggle Blast for Android – a great time-killer by creators of Plants vs. Zombies

Peggle is a classic game that has stood the test of time on other platforms but still remains very exciting and relatively fresh. Every possible combination and alignment at the level is very unique and subject to the project absolutely free of charge (excluding domestic purchases).

In Peggle Blast for Android, your goal is to clear (knock off) from all the orange pegs with the help of shots bonuses and in many cases luck. The actual developer is the giant EA, but has worked on game the guys from PopCap, which was purchased by the Americans earlier, and that influenced the overall quality of gameplay.

From the first level, it becomes clear that it will be interesting. Each new location has a radically different structure, although the essence is always the same. Every shot is important, to rely on the “bum anywhere” can bring effect only at first, quite easy levels. Also always interesting to observe the rebound of the ball.

As in previous editions of Peggle, you will meet new characters with unique skills. You’ll encounter multi-ball side shooters, blue bombs and many others. For each new character, there is only 15 levels.

Appeared and real innovation for the series. For example, the eggs of dragon and rainbow gems from “positive,” or fireballs, and keys in the mucus of negative. At the end of each set of levels, you have to fight a boss. The rest are all in the best traditions of the renowned franchise Peggle.

Peggle Blast for Android is free, although a monetization scheme uses the classic freemium. There are boosters, sensor health, time constraints, etc. in Short, the classical solution for such games. Not investing pass all quite real, but it will take skill and a lot of time.

Overall, Peggle Blast can be advised absolutely for every fan to spend 10-30 minutes for an unobtrusive game that surprises and stimulates you to move further and further away. The screenshots may seem simple, but in practice it really interesting!

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