Hellraid: The Escape

The people looking for PC releases probably heard about the approaching release of the game called Hellraid for Android. Dreams turned real, and now the project with console graphics available to everyone.

Hellraid: The Escape puts you in the role of a prison inmate who is deprived of information about himself. Through a series of messages and prompts placed throughout the prison, you will learn about the convict who has been here a long time and is ready to rescue you, if you find him.

Of course, his search will go through hell jail with all the consequences. At a time when the game has no commercials or anything other than the text of the narrative, I really liked the way of presenting history with its tendency to throw additional tips and information, often ambiguous, to motivate you to continue.

When we first tested The Escape, its visualization was one of the first notable things, which remains one of the best elements of the game. Especially if you have more or less modern device, like Vibe Z or the OnePlus One. Each level is impressively detailed with a constant frame rate (at least on the devices of the current generation), although the color palette a little repetitive (obviously, red and brown dominate the prisons).

Of course, the visualization and models, enemies are quite large, but I think it fits perfectly under the visual flair to create an environment with “humanity.” Each camera looks creepy, and at the same time, good graphics, level design and efforts really contribute to that feeling.

Meanwhile, the gameplay in Hellraid: The Escape for Android complements these visual elements. The game takes place in the cells, which usually cover a few areas with a solution of various tasks in order to move between rooms and, in the end, to get to the exit. In most cameras, you need to interact with objects, open doors and avoid (or destroy) enemies. Simple quest system for identification of crystals offers some award for studies of “corners” or caches.

I was very pleased with the variety of puzzles and increasing their complexity depending on the passage of The Escape. In the first chambers you will learn how to look around and break pots with the tips, while the later will learn how to outwit the enemies ( you do have limited ammo in order to go “foot in foot” with opponents), and use various tools to bypass particularly difficult areas. Somewhat similar to “The Room” game hint system that offers respite when the camera seems too disappointing.

Platform part, however, is not the strong point of “Hellraid”. At a time when, after the completion of another puzzle I felt rewarded by success in the platforming felt more of luck than skillful execution. Patience and caution are still the best quality for success, but has not discovered the trap, rather more frustrating than not. Fortunately, these moments are not too much to worry about, and checkpoints available as soon as you pass them.

Despite the above complaints, a review of Hellraid: The Escape proves that this is a great experience on Android, as well as a pretty good combination of intelligence in the first person and puzzles. In fact, my biggest complaint is the length of the game is eight shared cameras is much smaller than I would like. Fortunately, support for additional levels in one form or another partially fills the space.

However, even in its current state, it’s full of adventure, intriguing story combined with the spectacular visual effects in the world I would like to explore more. This may seem like a prelude to the big game “Hellraid”, but “The Escape” looks very good and is recommended with a rating of 9 out of 10!

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